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Hi I've just got a ford focus one key no tcode or spare how can I get the tcode so I can send and get a unworn new key cut

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Post a good quality picture of the side of your key and i'll read it for you.

You need to look at the key side on and read as per my previous post, you may not have as many notckes but the code still reads the same (it can only be a 1,2,3 or a 4)

1 is flat, 2 is slightly angled, 3 is steeper angled and 4 is the steepest.

I can read them by eye as long as i can have a good look at the key.

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BTW, please stop posting individual messages concerning this subject, just add another message under the same topic.

I keep having to merge your posts and other mods have already removed two of yours.

Pretty soon we'll have nothing but posts about T codes else :)

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Hi stoney. I have the same problem, I have a key which is starting to have trouble opening a couple of the doors of my Tourneo. I live in France and the ford dealers here are terrible. They are trying to tell me I need to replace all of my locks and ignition.. But I know all I need is a key.

It is very worn, but if you could please try to give me the code from a couple of photos it will be worth trying to get it cut!

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