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New Black Headlights Fitted =)


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As most of you who have been following my build thread will know, about a month ago I decided to treat the motor to some new headlights

You'll also know the amount of trouble I was having with the company after they took my money but failed to tell me till a while later that the headlights were out of stock and had no idea when they would be getting anymore in :angry:

Well now I can happily say that the day is finally among us and after a very.. very very.. very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long wait..

My new headlights have finally made they're way from doichland today :D :D

After hearing a knock at the door from dhl man I bolted downstairs to be greeted by a box big enough to comfortably fit a mangled body or two in ;)


And inside that box was smaller box


And inside that box was two smaller boxes


And finally upon opening these boxes I find this


Shrink wrap removed and I am left with this thing of beauty :wub: :wub: :wub:


Immediate thoughts are they look really sexy and they quality seems decent enough so far

I've finally been out to fit em, and after a bit of a faff removing the old headlights in the dark.. Here they are up n running :D



Better photos to follow shortly

Comments welcome ;)

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Ok mate, no rush. :D

I've got all night ;)

You've got me tempted now.

Thought you would be ;)

If you was to get em though I'd say give FK a wide berth n get em from german eBay instead. Not that you can get em from FK now anyway as they are already out of stock again.

They a bit funny trying to get em back in the car but nothing a little giggle won't solve.

Also getting the backing on em is really hard cause its a very tight fit trying to clip it in.

Put as far as fitting the bulbs n transplanting the leveling motor over its a right doddle.

I've gotta whip em back out tomorrow as after fitting em n closing the bonnet, I noticed the breather hose on the old head lights units n remembered the new units dont have em.

Few second job of transplanting the hoses over onto the new headlights n job done.

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Please do not swear.
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Id take it to make sure the beam alignment is right aswel :) when i fitted my angel eyes they didnt give a very good feild of view mainly cause they were pointing down towards the ground lol always worth just getting it checked. Gotta love angels eyes though :)

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Just been out n took a load more photos





This is high beam


Heres the beam patterns from inside





I think one of me high beam bulbs may be in the wrong way round or aimed downwards, as when crouched down looking at em dead on, one is a lot brighter than the other. Thing is with these headlight units theres no notch for the h1 bulbs so I cant see a way of making sure its in the right way up.

With the h7 bulb there is a notch, though it is actually upside down compared to the oem head light unit

You can see what i mean about the high beam in this photo


As Dan says, I need to take it to get em aligned properly

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Bear in mind the nearside light always looks duller than the offside one due to the beam being biased towards the kerb.

Saying that, a nip to a friendly garage for a beam alignment check won't hurt at all.

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thoughtso but even still i reckon the off side is overly brighter than the near side

gonna try pop it into the garage round corner tomorrow to see what they reckon

i need to take the headlights back out tomorrow first anyway to fit the breather tubes

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Yes mate thats correct

bulbs plug n play the same way, still h1 and h7 fitments and the indicator bulb is a straight swap over aswell

Then theres just load of extra wires that go to the halos and yup they completely replace and act as the side lights.

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V-tempted now.

May have to flash the credit card next week while the missus in away in the sun with the out-laws.

Then again just bought a set of window shades, i want the tint effect but with the option to remove when visibility is bad (also no need to tell Mr Insurance Man).-


Special offer until the 28th and cheaper than on eBay. ;)

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I thought about getting some of those blinds but the £10 delivery is a bit of a rip off.. Always in 2 minds with rear tinting / blinds as to whether it'll make it look too much like a van.

Looking good with the lights though B)

Now if only the Xenon ones for mine were that cheap in black :(

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These are going to be my next purchase http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330843552013?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 for mine only got a few jobs to do know then i,m happy eibachs,rear end tints zetec s rear bumper and front extension to get sprayed .job done then i,ll more than likely flog it and get the latest model lol .

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