Mk 6 Duratec 1.25 - Water Ingress

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just picked up a fiesta 2004 1.25.

Noticed the rad header was low so topped it up.

Next time I start the car there is a misfire and having taken off the engine cover/airbox, I find the spark plugs are swimming with water.

Assume the two issues are connected.

Am I looking at a split hose or a popped head gasket?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Haven't taken the cam covers off as I don't want to get too far into the engine dismantling scenario.



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The usual culprit is the washer jets on the bonnet.You will need to remove them and put sealant on the base of the jets,or leave jets in place and seal them from underneath.If jets are not sealed, will at some point lead to a possible replacement of spark coil pack and leads and plugs.This is a common fault.

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Think I've found the culprit.

Not washer jets as it wasn't raining and I didn't use them or wash the car.

Dried the plug holes out and filled up the header tanlk again and it leaked straight through to the plugs. Looks like it's the core plugs at the top of the engine casting.

Apparently it's a common fault on duratechs.


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