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My Ford Keeps Cutting Out

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giffer...thats my first thought, temp sensor is faulty, causing it to struggle starting, oxy code is throwing up as they think engine is warm, therefore fooling ecu that oxy sensors are outside of parameters.

sensors are 4 wire, they are heated so they kick in earlier, but they wont prevent car from starting, which became an issue, takes a few minutes of engine running before they come into play...hence why engine should be warm/hot before emmissions test at mot.

ecu relies far more on temp sensor in first few minutes of starting, in how much fuel/air required to keep her running.

you could have a point re speed sensor, it is a common fault, it could quite possibly be totally unrelated as its possible this code wont trigger the warning light, so may have been there long before problem started. will still remain once this problem is sorted

just in case, related earth points are

battery negative terminal, earth close to battery tray and gearbox bellhousing

earth points also at n/s/f chassis leg, n/s/r near lamp unit, o/s/f under dash just in front of door pillar, o/s/f close to seat belt mounting just behind drivers door.

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just got my car looked at and sorted out turns out it was just the battery after all the suggestions of what it could be haha but thanks for the advice everyone

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