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Routing Cables (From Underneath The Glove Box To Back Of The Boot)?


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I'm bringing a new wire (positive feed) from the fusebox to the back of the car (boot) and I'm little bit puzzled of which approach to take to route the cable in a way that it wont show out all and it would take me least amount off effort to get it done.

All ideas are appreciated.

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Another route is up the A pillar and between the headliner and roof over the doors.

If you pull off the door rubbers there's loads of access.

Just mind out for any side curtain airbags you may have fitted.

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Just to make things even more difficult, if it was me, id run it down the centre console from the glovebox, under the carpet in the rear footwell, and under the seats, then into the boot, round the side of the boot, in the plastics, and round to the back of the boot.

Hahah. Good luck, whatever option you go for! What are you wiring if you dont mind me asking?

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