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Pumaspeed Performance Down Pipe

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What gains?

Iv read through it and could not see any claims or figures

Although there are no actual figures in general i would expect a significant improvement in performance with the pumaspeed performance downpipe (i would cal it a decat decat/ downpipe)

The cat on these cars is very restrictive, demoving it and replacing it with a pipe reduces the back-pressure(downstream of the turbine) / improves gas flow and scavenging on the turbine (the exhaust part of the turbo)

- because the turbine spools up quicker the compressor spools up quicker too

(reducing lag/ improving throttle response) so the boost comes in quicker - improving midrange torque/ power - the actual peak boost pressure stays the same (it is controlled by the actuator/ ECU/ wastegate or VNT) so its safe, the cat is not nessesary for a UK MOT at present

The free -flow (scavenging/ breathing) of the exhaust gasses helps the top end power helps the engine rev

Its a bit expensive for a decat, but you get a decat, downpipe and flexi in one unit

Probably to get the full benifit of this, you would need a performance exhaust (replace the restrictive baffles with "straight-through" silencers) and a remap as well as improvements to the air intake - all these things together woud probably give "serious" gains

(a remap at the least - because it would give the biggest gain for the least outlay)

An injector upgrade, larger FMIC and hybrid (larger) turbo set up right could potentially give 140-150hp i recon though these things would be expensive and not shure about the cost effectiveness.

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