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Rear Bumper & Exhaust

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I was thinking about getting a different exhaust put on my car.

The first pic is how my bumper is on my car....second picture is another fiesta with a modified exhaust but has a different style bumper. Does it mean i have to buy a new bumper aswell?? An exhaust underneath the first picture would look abit stupid..Unless they just cut into the bumper...



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The other bumper just has a Zetec-S "skirt" on it, which you can buy and swap out for yours.

However yours "should" have a panel on it's skirt that you can cut away for a wider tailpipe.

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The other bumper is from a S1600 or a Metal. The Zetec S has its exhaust hidden from view.

Ah ok, but either way isn't it just a different skirt than standard? :huh: *not sure now*

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Yeah You could always cut the hole but theres no markings to show you where to cut. Then you would have to modify the twin tail pipes as original bends downwards and faces the road. Not sure if Chriscourt215 model has twin or single pipe.

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Im pretty sure i just have the single pipe. my exhaust faces down not out, so that would also have to be changed...

Could change the backbox and tailpipe or just the tailpipe and then either mod your own skirt or get a Zetec-S or Metal/1600 skirt to finish the look.

Changing the skirt/valance was one of the many visual mods I was considering for my own car but in the end decided against it.

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