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Eibach Lowering Springs

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firstly hello, i am after lowering my zetec s and after reading around the Eibach springs seem a good choice with it being a ford part.

The confusing part is depending who you ask or what you read people have different views on warranty.

some say if you buy the approved parts anyone can fit it and the warranty is fine
other says you need they purchased and fitted from ford to keep the warranty, generally the view from the dealer. no surprise.

can anyone shed some light on the situation?


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A warranty can be an expensive pain in the backside for the dealer,,, once they have taken your money for the car, the less they see of you in the warranty period the better as far as they are concerned, unless of course something goes bang that isn't covered, then they would welcome you with open arms. Basically, do as much research on this as possible, as the dealer will look for ANYTHING to wriggle out of an expensive warranty job, even if its nothing to do with what you have fitted to the car. Really best to find out for sure if you still have warranty left on the car.

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