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George Lawrence

Injector Socket Size

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Good morning all,

I have posted in the past regarding the dreaded flashing glow plug syndrome. After trying many different solutions, even buying another injection pump on the advice of an expert garage lol. The best advice I have had, was to go to a diesel specialist and have a leak off test. This done it turns out my injectors are knackered. I wish i had done this many months ago when the symptoms first started. I am going to get mine reconned so i dont have to reprogram them. Can anyone tell me what size socket is needed to do the job.My local factors have told me there is a 22mm and a 27mm socket with the cut outs, both for a Mondeo 2003 tdci.I hope someone will be able to advise me which one to go for. I also know there is a fitting kit for the alighnment, I was wondering if this was really necessary. as always your input would be very welcome.



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be very very careful taking them out as they easily strip the alloy head if they are tight !

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Hi All, Got the socket and stripped everything back as explained in other posts. the only problem is, when I put the socket over the Injector, it doesn't drop down far enough to get a grip on the nut. Do you have to take the top half of the injector off first? ie the part where the fuel pipes, leak off pipes and the electrical connectors attach. any help will be appreciated.

Cheers George.

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never done em before.Id leave that to folk who know what theyre doing.You're gonna have a bad day if you strip any of em.You need a special tool to put em back i think(to get the distance right that they sit-on mines im sure anyway).

By the time it take you to take it to a diesel specialist,it'd probably work out cheaper.The guy I goto cant abide it,when folk do half the job,& then take him the other half,after somethings went wrong somewhere & he ends up putting it right.upto you though

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