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Adding Wiring To Front Doors

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Just wondering if anyone has added wiring to the front doors of a mk7 (2010) Fiesta eg to run upgraded speaker cable, and which route you took or if anyone has any ideas how I can get a 6 core cable to the doors!

Looking at the door post electrical connector, there are a few spare holes, so pins could be bought and wired, but I would rather leave this alone and find another route.

It looks like I could squeeze a flat ribbon cable down the side of the door post connector but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of getting it from there through the door rubber tunnel grommet and keeping everything water tight.

There is also a grommet above the door connector on the door post and another on the door (covering the mirror bolt) so I could run my new cable between those grommets although it is going to look nasty and could get trapped if not careful with positioning.

Any ideas appreciated!

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I took the plunge and drilled a hole in the top grommet which after passing the wire through, resealed with silicone.

A small cut was made in the bottom of the rubber door wire tunnel and with the help of some stiff wire, fed the wire through to the door innards.


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