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Upgrades For 1.6 Tdci Engine


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I have 1.6 tdci 90hp engine

we are going to talk here what we really need for a good upgrade for this engine to reach 150hp as a goal.

first question: should I put less HP as the goal or the engine can take?


I have no intention to pass the 150hp so 57mm(2-1/4") internal diameter is more than ok? or sould I go for 64mm(2-1/2")? (think in the weight as well)

are the 110hp injectors really the same or are they different? to do 150hp are they ok?

do I need another fuel pump? or common rail pump?

if I compare the size of the IC with ones on eBay this one should be ok for 150hp. or not? I know the material is probably different but those can do until 350hp so...

the Turbo in the 110hp is the GT1544v so is a VGT what is an advantage. If I was going to use the same I would be using the turbo on the limit what is a big risk. so I was thinking that I could use the GT1548v. The problem is because my car don't come with VGT I would have to do some changes. so I'm open to suggestions :)

I wil need to put a EBC to help the turbo

Is the De-cat the same that you use for petrol or is different size? because I only find for Petrol on eBay.

last thing if anyone have prices for these upgrades I would be happy if mention.

P.S.- allways think Bigger size = more weight

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A lot you need to do for that power, and that's about the upper limit before replacing more internal.

You're going to want to run with 110TDCi injectors for a start, I think you can fit some BMW one's but you'd need to look into that one. You'd need a larger intercooler as well most likely, I don't know if the 110 has a larger intercooler or not, if so - straight swap across.

Turbo wise - I'd recommend going for a Hybrid turbo, not worth the messing of trying to custom fit other factory turbo's when there are performance based direct bolt on's for you.

You'd need to do a turbo-back exhaust system ideally, but don't go mental with the bore. Add silencers if you want a more stealth apprach. You don't need giant tail-pipes for power.

Remap is obvious, you're going to need a live tuning session which may cost a few more pennies than your run of the mill copy and paste job but is the only way really. Can have the EGR blanked that way too.

Induction wise, may be worth seeing if the Focus ST/RS air box will fit, or failing that the 2.0TDCi box if it's any different with a high-flow replacement filter inside (don't bother with cones or anything, they're junk generally).

Aside from this, this should help you out a good deal, same engine despite being a Fiesta;


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thanks for your answer

there are users saying that the 110 injectors are the same as the 90 injectors and another users like you saying that they are different. what I looked on the internet they are the same because when you look to buy they only say is for 1.6 tdci. If they are diffrent I would like some facts please :( like saying the ones on the 90 only go until 2000bars and the ones in 110 go until 2500bars

The Turbo I would like to put a VGT (hybrid Turbo) to but because my car don´t bring one, I will need to do a lot of changes so I don´t know. I was thinking in the GT1548v

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Have a chat with these guys, they'll be able to tell you if your turbo can be made into a hybrid turbo, would probably cost less than forking out for a new turbo. 110 injectors are different, unsure about the rest. Turbo may be different too.

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the turbo I know is different because is the main change. the one in 110 is the vgt gt1544v but garrett says only goes until 150hp and I don´t want to use the turbo in the max so I need the GT1548v or gt1549v these goes until 200hp

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I’ve a mk7 1.6 tdci zetec van and want to increase its power from stock to 125 or above heard a lot about Focus injectors swapping and the 110bhp turbo off the same Focus  are they a direct fit between cars or is the manifold etc needing to be changed any thoughts guys would be helpfull 

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I got my Focus 1.6 tdci  to 170bhp with a stage 2 stainless steal straight threw dpf -egr -cat delete . But I'm trying to find better turbo pipes any suggestions. The ones I'm useing now are old. Iv looked online and I cant find anything ?  Any suggestions would be grate 

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