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Best Wax For Your Car?


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I got these reflections from Meguiars Ultimate liquid wax



Although the majority of the shininess comes from the polishing. The wax is the icing on top if you like :D

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Definitely give one of Auto Finesse's wax's a try they're amazing on dark colours I find.

Autoglym HD wax and meguiars are also highly rated to

Cheers for that, couldn't find any auto finesse so I got some Autoglym instead! Would be doing it right now but it's snowed here over night... Great.

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Thanks for the advice guys, came back from Amsterdam and had a day off so I thought I'd wash and wax my car, looks 10x better, the reflection is like looking in a mirror!



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Which products did you use after?

Autoglym Aqua Wax, they had a deal going on in the Halfords near me, came with free shampoo and other crap.

I used the Diamondbrite Shampoo and consealer that came with the Fiesta beforehand.

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