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Batman Badges / Layovers

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Guys! I have the new '13 shape Fiesta and yesterday I saw someone with the same shape who had Batman badges instead of Ford. I've searched the net for some but can't find them anywhere!!! Anyone know where I can get them or what to search? Would appreciate it sooooo much if someone could guide me in the right direction!

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Try here-


You can make up whatever badge you want.

Mate how do I find out what size I need? And also when I select the batman logo it doesn't show up, will it still work if I just order it?

Try not to swear on the forums please mate :) we're trying to keep the forums swearing free cheers

Sorry chief! Never even gave that a thought, my bad!

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Why don't you just get these? already made up


Yeah I saw them before but they only go up to 2012 pre facelift. Will they still fit alright? Don't want to risk spending £15 and they don't fit, if you get me. But cheers mate! I'll e-mail them again and see if they reply this time haha

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