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Focus Mk1 Ghia Boot Release

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Hi Guys

Ive just noticed another problem with the car ive just purchased. The boot release on the remote and the button inside the car appear to do nothing.

Is there a fuse somewhere for this that I can check first?

I didnt get any manuals with the car apart from service book but is there a place to download the owners manual or anything?

thanks again in advance.


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Do you hear a click when you push the button? if not then your boot lock solenoid may have packed up.

Is the wiring in the rubber conduit between the car and the boot in good order?

There is no separate fuse for the boot release, all doors and boot lock are controlled and powered via the central locking module so if the doors operate properly then there is power.

You may need to replace the boot lock, I have a guide on my signature for replacing one on a hatchback.

You'd need to compare locks to be sure but I believe they are the same for a hatchback and a saloon.


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