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Windscreen Wipers (Flat Blade Or Hanger) & Dashboard Light


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Hi All

two points

I need to replace all my windscreen wipers on my 2006 Mondeo Estate and have read mixed reviews about the new "Flat" Wiper Blades compared to the traditional "Hanger (metal frame) Wiper Blades and just wondered if any one has converted, used them good/bad?

Also the light which elimanates the rev counter and temperature gauge has gone so at night all I see elimanted is the speed/petrol dials (which is the main dials I know) but was wondering how easy this is to be replaced and a ball park figure for cost if I sent it to a garage?



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I had the flat wipers on my Mondeo, front and rear. Got cheap ones on eBay and loved them. Looks-wise they are a lot smarter, and I found they gave a better wipe as well. The only issue I had was that the passenger one wasn't quite as long as it should have been and so was leaving a small gap in the wipe at the top. I complained to the seller and they sent me another blade free of charge an inch bigger to compensate...I put this on passenger side and the shorter one on the rear then.

Ordered them for my da, my bro and the missus from the same seller and they all only had good things to say. Goin back a few years now so I don't have the exact seller link, but they weren't dear anyway! Genuine ones or branded like Valeo or Bosch will be significantly dearer, and will probably last longer, but I can only vouch for the cheaper ones and say they did the job with no issues at all.

As for your speedo bulb, don't take it to a garage! I just posted on a thread about this yesterday so I'll get you a couple of links with all the info you need.

Removing the cluster is just a matter of a few screws and dash trim removal, bulbs are a 286/T5 wedge behind each of the little LCD panels then 4 (I think) 3watt 504 wedge bulbs, similar to 501 sidelight bulbs but a 3 watt version rather than 5 watt.

Ball park figure if you took it to a garage...they'll charge at least an hour's labour. Bulbs are probably 50p each max in your local motor factors and you could have it all taken apart and put back together again in 30-40mins tops as it'll be your first time. Might be an idea to replace all bulbs at the same time to save the labour of removing the cluster again if another one blows soon.

I changed all mine when changing to Lockwood dials...


Take a look through these links anyway mate for the guides you're after...





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i have flat blades on and they seem better then normal blades.

As for the dash i think the plasma dials look good


this is an explination how to take the dash out and fit lockwood dials but plasma will be pretty much the same but you dont need to remove the needles with them


if you want to change the dash colour itself try this


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