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St Door Handles

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i would of thought it cant be that hard, once the door card is removed, i guess you either disconnect the cable from the interior handle (your replacing) or from the exterior handle, replace with new handle and then connect the cable back up and replace door card. i think there is a blanking plate hiding a screw that holds it too the door frame in the centre of the handle

if you do go ahead let me no as im interested in doing this aswell

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sorry forgot to mention my gf has the mk6 Fiesta, we recently sprayed up her wing mirrors body colour, and now she wants the door handles doing,

the only problem we have is as she lives on a terrace street leaving the car in the state of no door handles isnt an option, so depending on whether we can lock and open the car without the door handles we will be doing it, however if not it might be an option of buying a primered set spraying then fitting both at the same time.

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Ahh lol you'd probably better better just buying the handles in that case and painting them then just swapping them straight over. Im gona have a look tomorrow n see if I can work out how the inner handle comes off

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Dan they are easy to remove from the door card but im not entirely sure how the cable detaches from them.

Changed a few window motors on the mk6 Fiesta so i have obviously had to remove the door card to do so. IIRC there is one screw in the middle of the handle - removing that allows you to pull it out.

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