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Thinking About Non Factory Alloy Wheels.


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Lately I have been thinking about to change my standard Ford alloys into something more cool that has bit more wow factor to it. As I do not know much about alloy wheels I thought to ask couple questions before committing to this.

1. If I would go with bigger alloys, will this have some sort of implication to the suspension, is it more likely to damage my car, etc?

2. How big is the risk of damaging the alloys or the car when I go through some pot holes?

3. Is it hard to get rid of (sell) the old alloys and tires? Is there perhaps a place that buys them from you?

4. Anything else that I should really be aware before making the change

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They won't damage your car unless you get a set which are too big for the arches, in which case they'll rub. Biggest you can safely go is 18"

As for damaging the alloys if you buy well built ones you should be okay (most probably are stronger than the standard ford ones :p )

selling the old alloys ~ eBay is your best bet.

Bigger alloys will knock your speedo out so you'll need it recalibrated.

The alloys will more than likely have different offsets as well so you may need some spacers as well.

Hope this helps

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Hi, has your car standard steel wheels?

My zetec has the optional 16 inch alloys with 45 aspect ratio which means it sticks to the road like glue on the twists but cats eyes feel like concrete blocks.

alloys from Ford have had a bad reputation for being deformed through hitting pot holes etc, mine are ok as yet.

There are many makes of alloys that will fit your model but you must make sure you advise your insurance if you change , it may cost quite a bit more dependant on your age so it may be prudent to ask how much before you purchase.



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Thank you guys for the answers.

Now I have few more questions.

5. How big alloys you guys have?

6. Can any place do the speedo re-calibration or does it have to be official FORD one to keep the warranty intact. Any experience regards how much it might cost?

7. Do any tire change places sell the alloy spacers? What is the rough cost of these (just an idea)?

8. What would happen if I won't tell my insurer about the new alloys?

Thank you for all the answers.

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Well the sport models come with 17" standard and there's no problems. 18" would fit nicely as well but may rub when on full lock, depends how many passengers you are carrying :p

I'm not sure about the speedo if I'm honest

You won't always need spacers as some alloys would be a straight swap, you'd have to look at the dimensions when purchasing them.

If you don't tell your insurance company you're commiting fraud and if you make a claim they could null and void your policy :( so its recommended you tell them

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Here's something else to think about. There are many makes of aftermarket alloy wheels each offering a variety of models. There seems to be a significant “churn” of patterns. I found when changing wheels (http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/26997-wheel-transplant/?hl=%2Bwheel+%2Btransplant) that even some recently announced designs had already been superseded.

Now just suppose that in a year or two you have the misfortune to damage a wheel beyond repair. If it's a standard Fiesta wheel there's no problem. Thousands of wheels are out there in breakers' yards, eBay and of course available from Ford dealers. If it's an aftermarket wheel I reckon there's a risk that your supplier will find that your particular pattern has been discontinued and you'll be faced with buying a whole new set. :(

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Thank you for all of the feedback.

This is what it reads on my tires 195/50R15 (as per photo below). As I understand the 195 represents the tire width, 50 is aspect ratio, R is for max speed rating with full load and 15 is the rim diameter (is this all correct, I did measure the rim and got 16", or is it because only the area that gets mounted is measured - Correct?)

9. If I buy alloys 195 mm wide, will this mean that I do not need spacers or do I need to figure out the actual rim dimensions?

10. Will 17" make a dramatic difference in appearance compared to current 15"? I wouldn't want to go 18" as I might get occasions where the car is fully loaded but I do want to get a bit of wow factor. I would be little bit sad if I spend some good money on rims and only get "meh..." reaction or even worse, not be pleased with it myself.

11. If I go with 17" what sort of aspect ratio I should then consider?

12. I'm thinking to go dark black rims (and maybe have some red on the outside rim). I am working on the interior lighting and its mainly red. I know its very individual but in your opinion could there be some other colours that could look nice on black.

ref my previous question 6. Any idea about the cost and place to get it done.

Thanks for all of the info. This has been great stuff.


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The sizes you put on are just the tyre sizes,,, NOT the wheel ones. You will need to know the offset of the alloys, not sure for the Fiesta, but my Focus ones are 5x108, meaning 5 stud, and 108mm gap between centre of wheel to centre of one of the stud holes. If you buy alloys with the correct offset they will be a straight fit. And if you also buy the correct tyres, the wheel size with tyres fitted, shouldn't be much 'if any' bigger overall than the standard wheels. Eliminating the need for calibration of the Speedo. You now have 195.50.15,,,,, say you went to a 17 inch wheel, you would be best with something like a 205.40.17. Meaning that although the WHEEL is bigger, the profile of the tyre is smaller resulting in a rolling circumference which is very similar for both wheels. Though you are going to feel every bump in the road on tyres with such a low profile.

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