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Induction Kits

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Hi all,

New to this site, but I have recently bought a 58 plate (not new style) 1.25 fiesta zetec.

Exteriorly is looking very clean, has tinted rear windows , spoiler , am getting the alloys refurbed and sprayed black, calipers paints and paint work is as new.

I am hoping to fit and induction kit to my car, I know that it wont add much, if any performance but I want the car to sound a little nicer, not over the top loud but I nice 'puur'. Do you have any suggestions and links to kits that could furfill this for about £50-200.

Also was hoping to change the exhaust, once again not to making very loud but to just give it a nice sound. Would you suggest changing the whole exhaust or just the back box? Any suggestions or links for this also?



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Welcome to the club, it wouldnt be worth changing the full exhaust. Id just fit a sport back box (theres various styles you can choose from) and fit the induction kit. Doing both will give you maybe as much as 7-8 extra bhp and will give you that nice growl you're after.

Moving this to the modifications section

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You'd be better taking the car to an exhaust place who would be able to best advise you one which one will be best for what you want to acheive :)

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