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rob howlett

Puma Wheels On A Fiesta

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and could do with some help.

I currently have a 2007 fiesta tdci which had steel wheels on. I saw in a Facebook adds group some fan type alloys from a puma in decent nick and with 2 decent tyres on. 2 of tyres were shot and as they were up for 60 quid I decided to get them.

Bought some alloy wheel nuts and replaced the 2 shot tyres and fitted them the car. The 2 existing tyres were directional and I ensured the rotation was correct. However, at about 30 there is quite a loud hum and you can feel it a little through the steering wheel. Do you think it may be because they have been rotated from the back of the old puma to the front of my fiesta.

Df not a wheel bearing just wondering if I may have done something wrong?

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Have you checked the inside of the wheels isn't rubbing on something? I would have thought the Puma wheels were a lot wider than the Fiesta's and looking at them I think the offset may be different.

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Thanks for the post, see you drive a Focus Sport, I used to have one of those!!

Well I checked the offset etc on this website http://www.wheelfitment.net/ford and as the tyres are the same width and profile I thought they would be ok.

I was wondering as the tread pattern on the tyres are V type (like some the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's) and if they have worn funny on the previous car I guess this could be making the noise.

I read somewhere about spigot rings and I did not put one as the hub size was the same but some people say these should be used.

Maybe they are just noisier tyres, I am such a novice hahaha

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Tyre wear could be a factor, but you do need to check the offset is OK. This determines how far over the axle the wheel will go. Too far and it will rub on the suspension strut and to little will put al lot of strain on the wheel bearings.

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