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Ford Focus Full Wiring Schematics Mk2/2.5 And Mk3


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I appreciate the picture but unless i am mistaken this is the quad-lock connector for the stereo which is in the car. Ideally I wanted to find a connection the other side of the bulkhead in the engine area. Maybe my initial post was not clear enough, sorry. However if i cant find one with the excellent resources from this site them your illustration will be useful.

BTW you have done some serious mods and posted some really inspiring guides which i have read and maybe attempt some of them myself thanks for sharing them.

Many thanks

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On 5/23/2016 at 0:34 AM, iantt said:

should imagine most of mk3 and mk3.5 is the same or simular, looking for anything in particular?

Thinking about adding the ST clocks to my regular Focus :unsure:

In general i have no knowledge in wiring, just a guy who can make it work asked about my cars wiring schematics. So i was only not sure if i could

provide him the one for MK3.


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Could one of you bright sparks let me know what the colour of the wire is that leaves F61 in the passenger footwell and goes to the lighter and on which multi plug it's located please?

Fyi, 2016 focus ST-3

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On 8/21/2016 at 11:06 AM, filandeb said:

Links now appear to be broken

Try here.

Focus 2011 is Mk3, entire_schematics.. is Mk2/2a.

(Direct copies of Preee's orginals)

Mk2 / 2a:


and Mk3:


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2 hours ago, mikeb185 said:

are they not for a mk3?

The 2nd link ( entire_schematics... ) is for a mk2a, and is reasonably accurate for a mk2 like mine. The biggest difference I have found is the passenger fusebox layout, and fuse numbering. Even Haynes has that wrong.

The fuses seem to be the same, I have been building up a cross reference list, but it is far from complete yet. If you do not have the owners manual, the fuse information is on:


But most of the wiring I have needed to compare seems to stack up ok, otherwise. These diagrams are quite complex, since they allow for many variants. They need to be read very carefully!


Wiring Diagrams: The links 5 posts up from here should work (21 Aug).



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10 hours ago, Tdci-Peter said:

Should be about 7 replies back up from here. I copied Preee's diagrams onto the site server.biggrin.png Called entire_schematics...



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2 hours ago, jjmaia said:

Links are not working any more, anyone who has downloaded them can upload them again?

Already done!

The schematics are now stored on this site, with links to them a few replies back, here:


Clive: Could you use your Super Mod powers to edit the original post in this thread to point to the working links?

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