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Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster


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Hi I hope somebody out there can help me, when i returned to the UK from Spain I brought my Ford Focus Estae with me, I now want to get it put on UK plates and have changed all the lights but now need to change the instrument cluster face plate so that the speedo reads in MPH, I removed the cover ontop of the steering column and removed the two allen screws securing the bottom of the custer, these apear to be the only retaining screws, the bottom of the cluster now moves forward about 2cm but then wont budge any further. It is possible that it is held by clips but I am reluctant to try forcing it without knowing, can anybody help pleeeeeese

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Thanx Clive, managed to remove the cluster and change the face plate but now the speedo and rev counter are not working, it's just not my day, I have checked the plug and that is secure, so I must have done something wrong when I removed and replaced the needles on the dials, fuel gauge and temp gauge are working ok,

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I have done some work in the past on focus dials...and well they are a major pain...You have to ensure the needles are on the pins but not too much...if pushed on too tight, it stops the needles from moving...if to loose they slip and fall off.

I found this an easy way to calibrate the needles.

1. take needles off pins.

2. turn key to ign 2 (engine off)

3. place needles gently on pins at 0.

4. start car to ensure revs move.

5. go round the block and use common sense to see if speed is correct.

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Thanks John, All seems to be working fine now :D all thats left now is to sort an insurance company that will insure the car on the VIN number. while I wait for the UK registration number.

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