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Gremlins have invaded

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Hi there

I am baffled and hope someone can advise of a possible cause for the following problem. Last week i put my car in for an MOT and to get clutch done, as it was slipping badly, on receipt of the car and a hefty bill, i noticed a new problem. Every time i start the car there is a loud ticking from what i can only assume is the starter motor, then after a few secs the engine starts. Also, my trip counter seems to reset itself at will and the speedo dials and light up it quite a disco light manner until it settles down when car starts. Now i said to the garage that this ticking etc had suddenly appeared after being in the garage, the response i got was "yes we noticed that when we had it on the ramp" i.e. it wasnt them, but i know it wasnt happening beforehand because i turn off radio and fan before i switch on ingnition so would have heard it prior to it going in garage, so its my word agaisnt him and i am knackered. But my question is what could be causing the problem, is it the starter motor, or maybe a bad earth or???

Cheers in advance on any thoughts

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they would have disconected the battery to do the work so check that the terminals are clean and tight, it does sound like it could be an earthing problem.

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Well before i could do anything the beast has been beaten. I went to start car this morning and fro the first time in 10 years it failed to start, she turned over and over but would not ignite, and while this was turning over all the internal lights were flashing, the door locks were clicking and even the sound that normally is asscoiated with opening the door with your lights on and ignition off was sounding, but door was shut and lights were off :((

I am going to et the garage round to fix, but i know i am worried that he is going to charge me another hefty bill for some mess he has created, any advice?

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