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Ford Smax 2007 - Replacing Standard Radio (6006Cdc) With Sony Cd Dab


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I have purchased this second hand Sony CD DAB unit (model: CD3XX - CDI - ISLAND - KW2000, Unit Type: SOCD1x) - see attached image. I would like to replace the standard 6006CDC unit which is in the car - see other attachment.

I haven't removed the old one yet (waiting on the removal tools), but on first glance the replacement unit doesn't look as if it will fit seemlessly - the old unit is rectangular whilst the new one looks like it would fit into a different curved shape.

Should this new unit fit into my 2007 SMAX?

Do I need some kind of fascia to fit the the replacement unit?

Hope someone can help?

Many thanks!



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I have done a guide on how to fit that type of radio into a MK2 Focus-


You'll need a fascia like this one-


There is one available on eBay right now but is part of a set and has slight damage or you could approach Ford directly with your wallet open.


Other than that i believe the radio upgrade brackets in my guide should be the same but again it's best checking with Ford just in case they're a different design.

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Thanks so much for your reply. That clears up completely what I need and the guide will be most useful.

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