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Topher's Mk7 1.6 Ti-Vct Fez


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I was bored so I decided to start a topic for my Fiesta.

( at first I have to apologize for my english it's not my native language)

My first car was a -89 Merc 190 2.6. I had it for 4.5 years but it was falling apart so badly that I had no money nor time to fix it up.


I always wanted to have a new car and first I made a deal of new Kia Rio. A week later the dealer told me to wait for a five months for the car to be imported to Finland. I was furious about that and didn't want to wait so long so I canceled my order. Luckily on the way home I drove past a Ford dealership and saw a Fiesta there. It was love at first sight :wub:. imag0205kopio.jpg

Fiesta was a bit more expensive than Rio but when the salesman told me that delivery time was only 2 weeks I bought that car right a way. After two very long weeks this was waiting for me at the dealer:



'12 1.6 ti-vct Titanium S ( sony radio, cruise control, bodykit) in Panther Black

More pics will be coming...

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First mod I've done to Fez was tinting windows. Front windows are 50% and back/rear windows are 5%. I know it's illegal to tint front windows but this is a new car and first mot is in year 2015 and police are more focused to inspect older cars. Sorry for bad pic, taken with mobilephone.


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Then I got a paint sealant for Fez. Vodax Titanium Armour 2K. 5-year warranty, hand wash only, no need to use wax or special car shampoo, only weird pink oil(?) to activare the sealant.

After wash:


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New tints are looking good what else are you planning?

Changing many lights to led, getting new wheels, lower it, get DRL. I've done many of these already, more posts and pics will come later

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Finally got Eibach -30mm springs

I had to buy it from a dealer and istall there as well to maintain warranty. It was a bit expensive but worth it.

The height difference isn't huge but it handles much better and gives me better feeling on the road.


When I'm getting MOT for springs I'll change my last year impulse buy wheels on :D

18" OZ Ultraleggeras


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Yesterday I got a package from UK. I ordered some car care products and this is what I now use to Fez: 20130515171742.jpg

Unfortunately I didn't remember to take any pictures while washing. But anyhow tomorrow I'll change OZ's on and see how they look. And of course I'll post some pics here.

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Finally got my ultraleggeras on. Here is the outcomes:



Comparison 2


And finally an art photo. If you look carefully you can see slight scratches and few gutter rashes. I intended to repair those wheels but I got too lazy. Fez is my every day car so it doesn't have to be 100% tip top


So what do you think? Which ones you prefer? I can't make my mind :D

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I finally got mounted my DRL's. These led's are quite bright so it's hard to take a picture of them and pics are bad quality because I'm not using a proper camera.



Mind you this pic was takes 3:34AM. I just love Finnish summer :D

Also I had the new Fiesta ST in test drive today. It was perhaps the best hot hatch I've driven. Only thing I didn't like it about was the missing two doors. Oh and the colour...


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