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Focus Mk2.5

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I thought i'd upload my Focus mk2.5 modifications

How It was purchased



1st Mod was fitting new wheels bargain £80 set


then was tinting (a must)


then I thought about changing the rear fog light to the euro style

now for inside and some smaller mods

new heater control knobs


now for some chrome detailing




thoughts and ideas welcome


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I'm not sure Led interior lights, possibly wind deflectors & not sure after that. Yes those alloys were a bargain. Straight swop from the standard ones. Even better as I got new tyres from dealer before I bought it.

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Shouldnt do mate aslong as you fit them properly. You got the front Windows tinted? You get a bit of a squeeking noise when they shut but apparently if you spray abit of WD40 on them it sorts it :)

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Thanks for the upload !! Smart mate !!!!

When you do LED lights , don't forget the footwells, and rear reg lights ! I chose white LED they looks smart as !!!

Interior - there must be more us guys can do !!!! Lol, i can't think

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You can get rear ones but they dont realy do much whereas the front ones are actually practical ie they reduce noise and let you open the windows to a point and rain doesnt come in etc

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