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the problem came back after a few weeks so I fitted egr blocker now the car starts first time every time ps I don't wait for glow light I just start it.

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Well I replaced the sensor that sits near the alternator connected up the pipes but nothing. I'm not getting any vacuum from the sensor and it's brand new. Anyone got diagram on pipe work for this. There is a out and vacuum on the sensor, anyone know where the out is connected too? I'd loved to take of the anti shudder valve but one of the torq screws that's holds it on, the head is well and truly mangled.

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Glad I discovered this post as my Focus was failing to start and it turned out the anti shudder valve was sticking in the closed position. After filing the valve plate all is well again.

Cheers Robk for your postings.

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Man o man, having similar problems to this. The saga so far is every now and again it just won't start. Turns and turn but won't fire/

I noticed mention of the headlights flashing, it does that but I am told this is due to low volts and is not part of the fault as such.

I had it serviced last week, new filters. Should this shudder/egr valve be open or closed?

This morning, bang, won't start. So battery became tired and my mate who has a big break down company popped round, jump leads on and started first time....GGGRRRR

So now wondering if it could be the battery. Alternator is couple of years old, maybe had 6000 miles done since installed.


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you need to get a new battery , if the battery voltage is below a certain threshold then you will get cranking but pcm will shut down. also the earth points off the battery need checking for corrosion/poor connections.

then if problem still persists , investigate further.

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On 2/1/2014 at 2:48 PM, RobK said:

Hi John

As promised some pictures to show the location. Hopefully in sequence they're quite easy to follow.

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG

For full sized pics click here.

Good luck!


I have been told my problem could be the fuel pump, the red cog warning light comes on and flashes and then goes out once its warm usually, it starts after about 5-10 attempts , are fuel pumps hard to fit in case this isnt the problem above, Thanks 

Its ok starting once the engine is warm

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On 03/09/2015 at 9:16 AM, Dom85 said:


I hope someone can help me. I purchased a 2007 ford Focus 1.8 TDCI from a local independent garage a few months back. It has had issues starting from cold (cold engine and cold morning), at first it would start on the second attempt and it gradually got worse.

It seems to only be an issue in the morning, the earlier and I suppose colder, the less likely it is to start. Once it starts it will start fine all day. It's also more likely to start in the morning if it's been run late the night before.

I returned the car back to the garage who have had it in / out of their workshop for the past month, they don't seem to be able to diagnose the problem. It's also been to a ford dealer and they can't find anything either. Part of the problem being that the garage don't open until 9AM and by the point it usually works so the garage didn't ever see the fault in action, they did have a ford electrican take a look and he said allw as looking fine but he updated the software or something.

The garage have just fitted a new fuel pump but this didn't appear to have any effect on the problem. After reading about the issue online, we cleaned the intake air sensor as it appeared to be dirty with oil etc.

This led to the car starting perfectly for 3 cold mornings (colder than prior mornings where it failed).

However today the car failed again this morning, after 15 minutes of trying it finaly fired when I put my foot on the gas at start up (This doesn't always work and was a last resort before I headed to the train station). A

I should probably return it to the garage to sort but I need the car for work and can't really afford to be without it for another week.

I took a video of the problem with my phone... I'm happy to take a day of work to try anything anyone can suggest. I'm getting pretty desperate with the colder mornings coming up.



hi dom 85...

i know is an old top...but i was reading the issues and seems are the same as mine...did you find the problems after all?...thanks

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