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Radio Power Down After Entering Correct Code


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Newbie and 1st time post...

Just had a bluetooth car kit fitted.

Successful install - however after re-entering radio code and pressing "5" to save, radio powers/shuts down, then re-starts a few seconds later.

Tried entering a random code - got "incorect" message - so I'm confident that the code I'm putting in is the correct one.

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix?

Installer of bluetooth kit uninstalled & reinstalled, rechecked all connections and confirms everything is as it should be.

Help please!!


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Yes. I'm having the kit un-installed tonight to check if it makes any difference but I'm guessing the issue is now with the stereo unit itself...

Not sure if they can be reset?

I've disconnected and reconnected battery following Fords advice but didn't make any difference. Only thing now is I can't change date/time as it won't allow me to put the code in!

I've had it confirmed that the code I've got is the correct one.

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Your missing a live, that's why the unit is shutting down after the correct code is entered. it's either poor fitment on the bluetooth kit providing once kit is removed it's fixed, or possible fault with headunit/wiring

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