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Steeda Mk7 Fiesta Demo Car Build

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Here is the base raw material. A 10 plate Fiesta Zetec S in panther black, with optional street pack 17" wheels


Next Step.. Steeda SSV transformation....
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In went the Steeda Cold Air Intake, which gives the engine bay a nice look, gives a great sound, and most importantly gives a few extra horsepower and better MPG, which is a great combination!



We complemented it with the Steeda Billet battery Strap (no hp upgrade, but it looks nice)


Steeda US dyno chart from CAI testing showing improvements in hp / torque

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With the engine bay tweaked, it was time for some handling mods....

The rear shock tower brace is mounted....


Note that once fitted, the longer bolts allow for easy removal & refit, just by undoing the nuts on top (covered by flap). Pop the bar off, go shopping / house moving etc, come back, pop bar back on, refit nuts, done! (see below)



Lets add a Steeda sticker to make it look nicer.......

Meanwhile underneath the car, to further improve the handling, and reduce understeer significantly we add the Steeda rear Roll Bar Brace


Time for some serious hammering!
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Initial handling mods sorted, we set out to improve the driving experience.

These mods will make your more Fiesta fun to drive, regardless of which version it is.

First of all our engine mount goes in, to tighten things up, eliminating wheel hop, and improve shifter feel...

563525_260524660718059_1924896139_a.jpg The Steeda mount vs OEM....



Next its time for the legendary Steeda Short Shifter... these making rowing your gears fun with a firm super engineered race car feel.

Compare the shifter vs OEM.


As you can see the Steeda shifters shift mechanism has been COMPLETELY re-engineered, giving a 33% throw reduction, more than double some of our rivals cheap efforts. Thats because they do things half-heartedly, just replacing the shaft of an OEM shifter. That's not how we do things at Steeda....

We complemented the shifter with our Steeda Billet Shifter Mounts.

Compared with the OEM mount you can see that this mod alone, can stiffen up your shifter.

Every time you go out for a drive, you will love these shifter mods! So far a European Drift Champion and a BTCC race car driver have driven the Steeda UK demo car, and both commented that they LOVED the shifter.


Steeda Shifter & billet mounts installed with Drift Carbon Fibre gear knob...

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Well OK, we have improved the handling, performance, sound and driveability, what next?


Steeda have chose Sparco wheels as our partner wheel for looks, performance weight saving, and strength, as all Sparcos are TUV certified and made by OZ Racing, who have won every kind of race series from Formula One to WRC.

We chose the Sparco Drift, 10 Spoke, in the extra aggressive ET25 17" fitment.


To match up with the wheels, and further improve (and in fact I would say transform) the handling and ride of the Fiesta we added Steeda Performance Springs.


Here you see them compared to the OEM springs.

The Steeda springs give a 45.7mm and 43mm (rear) drop, and are carefully specced to give max performance and maintain a supple ride.

Performance Ford mag were stunned by the handling performance of our Fiesta!


Onto the dampers they go!
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So far so good.

Note that the Sparco Drift ET 25 fitment is pretty aggressive and you may have to do some arch work on the front, depending on your tyre choice, suspension and driving conditions etc We generally recommend the ET42 Sparco options (16" Drifts, or 16" / 17" Assetto Gara)

The Assetto Gara is actually a shade lighter so better for performance, but I love the Drifts and the stanced look!

We found that on the OEM Zetec S suspension in high speed compressions with 205/40/17 Yokohama Paradas we got a lot of tyre rub on the fronts. With the Steeda springs fitted it actually dealt with things much better, even though it was way lower, but still gets the odd clip.... time for a little tweak!


Stance sorted, it was time for a trip to Totally Dynamic to fit the Steeda SSV graphics pack, which consists of the trademark Steeda Sidewinder decal and a windscreen decal....


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Final mod, the Steeda Adjustable Roll Bar Endlinks:

Perfect for lowered cars, and even more so for track day lovers. Get your cars geometry perfected, and make sure lowering it doesn't spoil your set up. And all for less than £100 inc vat!
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