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Steeda Focus St 250 Factory Development Car

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Our US factory got their development car straight from Ford so we could get started on things before the Focus ST was launched in the US.

We were scheduled to show the car on Ford's amazing stand at SEMA 2013, so off to work we got.

Heres the car at SEMA:


So what went into making it a Steeda Focus ST?

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The stance and handling (and looks!) were honed with Steeda Performance springs combined with the Steeda rear anti roll bar (which featured on a couple of other of the Focus STs at the show as well) and some lovely HRE wheels



HREs are certainly not for the budget conscious, so look out for our signature series wheels soon on our UK cars...

Here you can see the wheels with the signature Steeda 'Sidewinder' decal

This next shot gives you another angle and a look at the uprated Brembo brakes on the car:


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Power wise, out back we had a custom exhaust,


And up front the Steeda Cold Air Intake, now combined with a Steeda down pipe, and Steeda ECU calibration...



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You can see more about how products were developed, and are still being developed here:


And here regarding the Focus ST ECU tuning:


Our newly release Focus ST Shortshifter dramatically cuts down on the gear change distance and provides a nice positive feel.


Steeda test thoroughly on street, drag strip and track, as these pics show:


Here its on track rubber back on the OEM wheels:


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Exellent - the ECU tuning likk is very interesting - especially the bit about restricting the maximum throttle opening to increase the bottom end/ midrange power

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