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Mk6.5 Sound System

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I've just signed up on here so this is my first post.

I have a Mk6.5 fiesta and I want a new sound system in it just to make cruising around all the more fun. Anyone got any suggestions of good Speakers or subs that I could look into. I was more going towards Kenwood as I already have an idea of the head unit that I want to get (Kenwood DPX-504u) although any suggestions would be appreciated.

Not looking at doing any major changes to the car, just the small things that make it nicer to drive. Want to get this sound system upgraded first off and then I might look into making the interior nice so any suggestions of decent mods to make the small details nicer would also be appreciated.


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the first issue you have is the centre dash is split into 3 sections, if you are thinking of replacing with a headunit (single or double din) then you need to decided which way you are going to modify it.

option 1

remove the facia and standard radio, cut the middle bars out which creates a double din hole, you can then fit a single headunit and a tray under or above it in the new hole.

option 2

buy a new facia that is already cut to the double din size and fit that and again install either a single or double din stereo

as for sub/speakers etc

ive fitted a 12" 1200w fli sub and that is more than enough as its a small car anyway the output is really quite loud, anything more and its probably wasted

i think the door Speakers can be upgraded to take 6x9s but the door would need modifying and need new mounting brackets

an item i would highly recommend is a vibe fast plug, it fits inline with the wiring to your sub but allows you to unplug your sub and remove it from your boot but also it covers the newly exposed terminals so while still connected to your battery it causes no harm or damage

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The original stereo isn't really an issue as I have the single piece one, not the 3 separate parts. (Ford 6000cd)

I have had a look at a few Fli subs and they seem quite good, may have to look into them a bit more. I wouldn't really want anything ridiculously loud, just to make the music a bit better.

I believe the door Speakers are 5x7 so I should be able to replace them with some higher quality ones. I don't really know much about this kind of thing so I don't really know if 5x7s are any good. I don't really want to do anything major so I will try and avoid having to modify the doors if possible.

I'll have to look into the Vibe plug, see what that's like.

I've just had a look at your post and that sub that you've got is the one that I've been going towards when looking at Fli subs. If you don't mind me asking, how much did that cost so I can get some sort of expectation of what it's going to cost me?


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ah ok thats fine then, with regards to the door Speakers, we havent changed them and they output a great sound, so i would only change for another set if you have to

yh the sub is great you could also go for a base tube they are smaller and still can put out the same volume,

for a 12" sub with built in amp i would say between £100 and £150

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That seems alright then, might not have to look into door Speakers for a while then :)

I am kind of torn between the Fli and a Pioneer that looks good although it is a fair bit more expensive


(^I wouldn't necessarily get it from that place, just an idea of a base price and what the sub is like)

Just a question regarding the wiring of the sub -
Is it easy to wire up and keep it looking neat, especially with using the standard Speakers? I don't really have much of an idea when it comes to the wiring side of things to be honest.

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ive never had a pioneer equipment so cant comment on the quality, ive had fusion and currently got fli

if your not confident with the wiring i would suggest you buy a sub with a built in amp, (it can be more hassle for little gain)


that is the sub i have in my focus


and that is the sub that my gf has in her fiesta mk6

both have the amps built in on the back.

the wires can be hidden under the door trims running from the footwell to the boot under the seats

the other pain is gettin the 12V +ve wire from the engine bay into the footwell, it can be done by pushing the big gromet and feeding the cable through

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