James Rosier

Mk3 Focus Lowering Springs

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Hi all

Has anyone put the 30mm Eibach loweing springs on anyones MK3 focus that ford sell on their accesories page?


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lenny has done it on the 2.5 same suspension and informed us you also need a camber bolt kit for the rear as well to stop uneven wear on the rear tyres its not complicated but requires a 4 wheel alignment and the rear camber adjusted if you dont contend with many speed bumps and multi story carparks they should sit fine for where i live i find them too low and would be crawling over humps every 5 miles and the roads round my way have pot holes you could hide a submarine in if it wasnt for that ide have them back on the zetec has 10mm lower than standard springs which are if still the same as the mk2 and 2.5 stiffer than standard

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