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Hi, i have a ford fiesta mk7 and unable to find the paint code on the car, my car is moondust silver.

Can anyone help plz?



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Your code means code 6 (Moondust silver, precise colour match from 2009)

I.e.- 6 is the colour and 9 is the year of any colour alterations so as to ensure an exact match.

First Digit

B Diamond White
D Panther Black
F State Blue
G Performance blue
H Imperial blue
J Tonic
K Colorado Red
L Deep Rosso Red
M Magnum grey
Q Oyster Silver
R Honour Green
S Techno Silver
T Dark True Blue
U Neptune Green
V Jewel Green
W Ink Blue
X Blue Print
Z Flare
1 Pepper Red >9/04
1 Sublime 09/04>
2 Aqaurius
3 Vitro
4 Jeans
6 Moondust silver
7 Machine silver
8 Deep navy

Second letter
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003

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The list posted is out of date, on the VIN plate inside the drivers door the paint code is the second to bottom set of two numbers / letters or a combination, from the set of 8 boxes that each contain only 1 or 2 charactors.


Anyone like to add an upto date list of colour codes / names for members?


Mine is 2D which I believe is called Ceramic Blue.

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