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Ford Radio Replacement


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Hi I am looking to change my 6000 radio in my focus and was wondering if there are radio's that are a direct replacement :unsure:

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Hi and welcome to FOC,

I believe the 6000 radio fits into a standard double DIN hole, so most things of that size should fit, otherwise a lot of people fit a blanking plate (or cubby hole) and use a standard stereo.

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The standard 6000cd head units are actually not din sized and are a fair bit bigger than double din head units

You can get cheap chinese touchscreen head units from china that are the same size as the standard ford units that do everything like have built in satnav etc, but dont expect much in terms of quality.

Or if you have a spare 700quid you could go for a zenec which are amazing quality and are the same size as the ford units

or you could fit an aftermarket double din touchscreen unit or a single din if you profer and use a fascia adaptor to fill the gaps around the edges

by the way do you have the rectangular 6000cd or the oval shape?

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you could always upgrade by getting a Ford/Sony unit which is the same shape - you can get an mp3 player, or one with DAB or one with a 6 cd changer built in or a DAB unti with the 6 disc changer built in - look on eBay and you can find them. i upgraded to a DAB unit and its ace.

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Does the 2002 focus not have a HU like this though?


Thats why I thought it was just a standard double DIN......

ah thats my bad, earlier i was on the forums on my phone so i couldnt see what year focus the op had, i was going by the mk2 focus's having a larger head unit than double din

but then saying that i think this type of 6000cd is actually smaller than a double din and may need a bigger hole so a new fascia will be needed as clive says

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So your two options are,-

For a single din radio get these to adapt your original fascia -


Or this to do a proper aftermarket double din conversion (for some reason they do away with the ashtray slot though)


You sometimes see single din fascias come up but can't find any right now.

Of course to add an aftermarket stereo you need the correct model specific loom adaptor/remote interface and an aerial adaptor plug too.

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