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Abs System Broked

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or a blown fuse....which is why i asked the question

a pending problem can come up for a number of reasons, more often than not they can be cleared never to return, or it could be triggered by the problem with the abs...seperate system yes, but the speedo failure may possibly trigger the code.

wouldnt worry about this untill the abs has been sorted

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just a quick update if any1 still cares or wishes to help

finally took the car in , they cant pick up a problem with ABS , hes took it to another garage and an auto elelctrican who couldnt find a problem either checked 4fsues n alternator which are all fine, hes suggested i take it to ford (at 85 an hour itd be cheaper to buy a new car) however said the code keeps coming uo abouyt the throttle so gonna fix the sensor for that to take the managemnt light of hopefully (not sure if this will help the speedo issue like my bf tinks bt he knows nothing)

so im guessing like alot of other 2006 modles that the whole units gone bye bye :(

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Still interested. ;)

As you have ABS, the car takes data from the sensors to calculate your speed (better than the old standalone VSS).

P0121 is Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch 'A' Circuit Range/Performance.

The code means that the computer is having a problem limiting the voltage going to the sensor to begin with.

The sensor uses a 5 volt Reference voltage, the sensor detects variations of voltage so as to calculate the position of the throttle pedal, incorrect voltage equals incorrect throttle interpretation.

It could well be the ECU is malfunctioning especially if the ABS fault is flashing up too.

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well its deffo the abs full thing thats gone

now just need to find the part , i gt told not all kas have abs though and also has my car been a slightly older modle it would be easier to get the parts,i wouldnt mind really i just done like that the speedo doesnt work , esp when ur sat nav always falls off .

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ill check them out , a few people have said to repair them , wats the guarentee tho for it to be actually fixed ?im guessing if its a common problem they will of done loads.

and does any1 know if all ford 2006 ford kas will have the same unit and the same serial numbers ive heard 2004-2008 models do but i dont believe everything i read on the net.

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any ecu can be repaired, they are nothing more than circuit boards and chips etc,,,, just depends on cost compared to new.

majority are the same as think they only did 3 varients of the same engine for best part of 10 years, chances are the abs fitted around that year were all the same.

there is always the second hand route, dont think there is any programming issues with fitting a 2nd hand one, but worth checking before purchasing

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