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Ok, mechanical stuff sorted, new wings and bumper have arrived in primer, bonnet on the way, however, while fitting the wings ive managed to put fingerprints on one of them, whats the best way to clean a primed panel, without taking the primer off, can I just use water?

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Hi again, it's almost as though this mondeo enjoys the attention, as it was being driven off to be painted, the drivers side front spring decided to snap, most of the way to getting the spring/strut assembly off, however the bottom ball joint is proving to be difficult to separate, I've read that it can be done without removing the bottom subframe to get the bottom wishbone off, am I missing a trick as we've loosened off the bolt clamping everything together and tried using a jack to lift the wheel hub up so the bottom wishbone isn't at the bottom of it's travel?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


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Go to side ur not workin on & support subframe. Undo both bolts on that side 5 turns then let that side down off jack. Now goto side ur workin on support subframe with jack then remove both bolts completely. Let subframe down GENTLY so u dont burst cv joint. Undo track rod balljoint on side ur working on also sos not to damage steering rack.its SO easy doing it this way.

OR get a really big crowbar & lever balljoint down BUT you can damage bush at rear this way.The balljoint will more or less fall out doing it this way. Just done the 1st method myself to change said balljoont(WB),& its a piece a pi**

Oh & remember to take front plastic valance thing off 1st. Dont be afraid of ur subframe mate as your tracking wont be absolutely bang-on due to you removing strut anyway.

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