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Best Way To Clean A Car


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I know this probably sounds like a really daft question, however, we have just had new cars in our house (my wife has a Seat Mii and I have a Ford Fiesta). Having always had fairly old cars, we've never been too fussy with regards to cleaning the car so have just used bucket and sponge, etc.

However, now we have new cars, we want to take great care of them and make sure we don't end up scratching the cars so I would really like to get some advice about the best way to clean the car without ending up with millions of tiny scratches all over the car.

The cars both have paint protection on so don't know if that makes any difference but are there any specific cloth/sponges we should use that are less likely to scratch the car? Any specific shampoo's?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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What paint protection has been put on?

A sponge and chamois are no-no for the same reason, grit becomes trapped on the face of them, which you then move around on the paint surface, creating fine scratches.

A wash mitt is essential, as well as two buckets (preferably with grit guards) and microfibre drying towels. And yes deep pockets too!

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Grit guards are the biggest gimmick ever! What good do they do?

The slats in the guard are so big that it won't stop anything from the bottom kicking up and grit will float in the water.

Save your money and buy a nice wax or something.

All you need is a good two bucket technique :D

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