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Focus 06 Plate Tdci Ghia 1.6 - Fuel Filter

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Hi I replaced my Fuel Filter yesterday and followed all the instructions as per the Haynes Manual see Stoney871's posting at


Since then I have not been able to get it started.

Please note that the fuel filter is the one that fits next to the battery (please note the differences between the 1.6 and the 1.8...mine is a 1.6 with the sensor in a silver metal can like container).

Anyway, run the battery down trying to get it started so called the RAC in a bid to get it going. (Had to be careful not to mention I had replaced the filter). He advised there was a fuel problem....amazing... but said that it appeared my fuel pump was not working.

He disconnected the inlet at the fuel filter and said when I turned the ignition on, I should hear the fuel pump running in the tank and fuel should be pumped through to the inlet pipe but there was nothing coming through.

We checked the relays and the fuses etc....all good.

After him giving up, I done a bit more googling and have read in various places there is no fuel pump in the tank, but also read contrary to this, so not sure which is correct. I have also read I need to to tow start it to get it going.

Anyone have any information regarding the fuel pump and/or getting it started...I still think it is a fuel filter problem??

Thanks in advance.

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How did you bleed it? If you followed Haynes I guess you fitted an inline hand pump and did it that way? One tip I've heard is to switch the ignition on and off without starting it 7 or so times, the electric pump should do the job for you apparently.

These are notorious and I've got one to do myself, I'm dreading it :ermm:

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The fuel filter is a swine to re-prime.

I had a Terraclean done a short while ago which needed the fuel filter bypassing to do, the garage took 25 minutes to get it running.

You need to prime the system until fuel runs from the filter outlet pipe or the car will not start.

The best way is with a priming pump, I'm surprised the RAC don't carry them.

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Thanks, for the replies, I got the draper pump and got the car going but I am still getting the 'Engine Fault Warning.' At least it is going again although very sluggish and it has eliminated the fuel filter.

I will post again to the forum.

Thanks again


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You may still have air in the system.

I'm pretty sure the 1.6 filter housing has a bleed screw on it.

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