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Blue Illuminated Headlight Switch

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I plan on fitting a blue illuminated gear knob today and im going to wire it in with the headlight switch. Basically I have a new blue illuminated head light switch with the front fog light extra switch included. My question is would I be able to fit this switch just now even though I havent got the front foglights fitted yet?

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Ive wired it up with the ign live on the stereo mate cheers anyway seems to be working ok :) just waiting on my car bursting into flames ive never wired anything up 100% myself before lol

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LEDs draw very little current so as long as its wired/ insulated properly it will be fine

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Yes the way ive wired it up it does. It was actually a forum member i got it from. Its not an exact fit for my mk6 though it doesnt actually screw on to the gear stick its just been jammed on haha and ive had to sow the gear gaiter to the gaiter securing ring to stop it from slipping. The gear knobs an official ford one but off a mk7

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Do you not have a spare wire near your lighter socket which is switched 12v?

There's one on a focus, maybe you'll be lucky

Which spare switched live is this? It will come in handy for a mod I wanna do

By the way Davey boy the blue is looking shweeet!

Agree with Clive though, shoulda bought a focus ;)

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