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Scratch Removers

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Are there any decent scratch removers out there, ive tried 3 now and none work unless i'm doing something wrong, but i'm sure i know how to apply, work in then wipe off some pastey stuff.

Ive tried JML Mantis, then some strange pen things that did nothing but highlight the scratch more and also some other wonder product off ebay that did absolutely nothing.

Going to try the tried and tested method of SRP at the weekend, failing that its going to have to be a professional machine polish.


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SRP doesn't have much cut in it, so will more likely fill than remove or reduce it.

How deep is it?


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How deep is the scratch? If you catch your nail in it then it'll most likely need to be professionally sorted / have a go with a touch up kit.

Meguiars ultimate compound is very good at scratch removal so give that a shot. If you know of anybody who could lend you a dual action polishing machine then it would blitz the process and give a great result.

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I have used a wax that is the same colour as your car but now I brought from eBay this Simonize pen that has a clear liquid in it and I put that on and the instructions suggest to put on and leave in the hot sun to dry for a while (i find i leave it on for a couple of days lol ) and then I buff off with turtle minute wax and does the job for me.

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Well this afternoon I tackled the bad key mark down the passenger side, from front wing through to rear door, I ordered some touch up paint off ebay and suprise suprise the shades miles out, but when the scratch is white anything darker going to look better :lol: . Well this is what I started with.



Well started off filling the scratch with paint, I used a very fine brush but it always looks crap when it goes on, I built it up with two layers.






Now the leap of faith when you dont have anything to measure paint thickness, and dont know the history of the car, you take 1200 wet and dry abrasive paper and rub it down using wet soapy water.





I then repeated this again using 2000 grit wet and dry again with soapy water.




I then used G3 cutting compound with the polisher and gave the wing, front door and rear door a going over, then to protect the cut paint I applied a coat of Harly's Wax to protect.


Here is what I have you can still see the scratches as the colour wasnt a good match but it looks a lot better, and to the naked eye you arnt drawn towards them now, the camara as always picks them out well.








This is my car and I wouldn't suggest you attack your cars with paint or sandpaper. :P

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Best idea is to put your finger nail in the scratch to see how deep it is then toy know to get a mobile scratch repairer.

If its only hair line then I used the Simonize scratch pen cos you've only taken off the surface lacquer this will fill in the mark.

Leave in full sun for a couple of days then buff off the wax it.

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