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Im Thinking Of Getting My Focus St 13 Plate Remapped

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Im thinking about getting my Ford ST 13 Plate

ive spoke with a company based in Cheshire called Mobile Ecu Remapping.

if i get it remapped is it going to break my car, or void insurance, will i have to tell them about it.

or most importantly will it void any vehicle warrenty ???

Also does any one or has any one had one done and could advise me on
cost, because they want £160 for a remap is this good value ??


is the company ive contacted on google.

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You need to be carefull with the remap. Only Ford approved remaps wont void your warranty and yes you will need to inform your insurance. Expect quite a big increase on your insurance aswel because its classed as a performance modification. Some remaps are cheaper than others depending what exactly you have done. Ive seen some companies charging upto and probably above £1500 including a complete exhaust change and decat etc

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Here is the Supechips Bluefin remap for the 2013 Focus ST -


Its a bit more expensive at nearly £400 but Soperchips is a well - established company with 20+ years in the indistry, they have tie- ins with insurance companies (like Adrian Flux?)

The map can be loaded/ unloaded on by the user (of course, im not suggesting you remove it before servicing etc!, no, not me)

The power is boosted to nearly 300Hp and a shedload of torque (500Nm) with the Bluefin (but with exhaust and inlet mods as well)

You can't have had your car that long - is 250Hp not enough for you/ do all your mates drive porches/ ferraris / is the ST not quick enough for you? :lol: (just curious)

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