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Alloy Wheels!

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Hi I am thinking of purchasing some alloys for my fiesta mk7 style and have found a few sets that I like but cant find where i can purchase them from and how much they cost? Any one any ideas? I am also open to other suggestions as I am not wanting to spend too much money on them at the moment.

The two sets I liked were:




I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Dale :iim:

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Hi Dalebhoy1888,

I was looking at the black ones for my car a little while ago, but the only ones I could find were these ones:


They are the 16" black alloys.

Here are the white ones too:


I dont know what your alloys are like at current - I really like mine - because I have also toyed with the idea of having them dipped gloss black. I've looked into it and I got a quote of £65 per wheel including pick up and delivery!

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Hi Leonjpenwill.

Thanks for getting in touch.

I love the look of both of the wheels you sent there but especially the white ones.

At the moment i dont have any alloys on my car and so only have the standard 15 inch wheeltrims that came with the car.

Does it make any major difference if I upgraded to 16 inch aloys do you know?

And at £65 that sounds like a bargain you should go for it :).

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No problem!

I know, its a bargain, but - if you look at my post - I have a small issue with my car at the moment and really need to get that sorted before I get them dipped :)

Would be well worth doing though!

I have to say the White alloys on a white fiesta does look very sexy! There is a white zetec s near me with those white alloys and 2 blue striped down the middle! Looks very nice!

Do you mean in terms of insurance?

As far as I know, changing from steels to alloys does make a difference on your insurance - but not as much as you might think usually because they are safer - but do add value!

Alloys look much nicer though!

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It'll increase your insurance but it shouldnt be by alot. Also changing to 16" shouldnt make any difference to the way it drive etc just make sure you get the right size tyres or it'll throw your Speedo out

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Thanks boys,

I knew upgrading the size of alloys would increase my insurance but didnt know by how much because im a young driver?

Also thats what i was wondering @DanGersFord i thought it would maybe throw my speedo ever so slightly and so it was putting me off a little?

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As long as you fit the right size tyres it'll be fine. If you take the wheels to

McConechys or kwikfit they'll tell you what size you need it should also be in your owners maunal saying what size tyres you'll need for 16" wheels

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