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Ios 7


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Trying to update the iPhone to the iOS7 beta, could be interesting, looks pretty good from reviews and youtube! Anyone else had a go yet?

I'm using it on an iPhone 5, it's pretty polished for a first beta. It also works fine with the Ford Sony ICE!

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I have a 1st generation iPad which can only use iOS 5, and can't use iOS 6 let alone iOS 7. In my option it is nuts of companies like Apple or Microsoft to upgrade their system in a short time! It had only just been barely one year since iOS 6 came out and already they want to go for iOS 7...??? What happens next? 6 months after iOS 7, it's "Oh look! The all new iOS 8", then 3 months after iOS 8, it's "Oh look! The all new iOS 9".

If we can actually still drive cars that are like 10 years old, if we can use cameras that are like 20 years old (as long as there's still 35mm film to buy), and in my case, if I can still use a 15 years old computer still running on Windows 98, then I don't see why can't we use iOS 5 for as much as 5 years before thinking of letting out iOS 6, then wait 5 years later before iOS 7?

How would you feel if you bought a car, only one year later, all the petrol companies change the petrol formula, and you get to be told that your car can't run on the new petrol unless you opt for either changing the engine or buying a new car, and after you opt to change either the engine or the car, just a couple of years later, all petrol companies again change the petrol formula?

If companies like Apple and Microsoft start changing their software every year, and forcing people to spend on new technology, like for example, I can't use 1st generation iPad so have to buy 4th generation iPad, sooner or later, many of us will start getting fed up like most of us feel whenever football teams changes their looks and the shops sells the new look, and kids are rather pushy, wanting the up-to-date look, and the parents are staring to complaint that those football shirts are rather too expensive, especially as it had only been a year since they bought the last one!

Sometimes I wonder if the short shelf life of Windows 7 and iOS 6 imply the software developers are not very good at their jobs and can't even make a software that last long, so it's now Windows 8 and iOS 7, I would not be surprised if next year, it's already Windows 9 and iOS 8.

I heard that PS4 and Xbox One are not backwards compareable with older games, so what happens if there's PS5 and Xbox (whatever they're going to call the next one), I would not be surprised if games for PS4 and Xbox One are not playable on the next generation consoles!!

If those software changes in short time, then well, they're not good enough if they can't last long!!

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