Fitting Led's In The Boot- Example On Mk 6.5

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Hello! This is me trying to explain how I fitted LED's in my boot. The total price was £28.13, but you will be left with plenty of supplies to do this again, you will have loads of crimp butts, cable and a tool. So any future jobs will only require the LED's (£6.60).
First things you will need are the actual LED's, for mine I used 4 but you could use less or more, the ones I used are from ebay:

They come in 30cm strips with sticky backs, ideal for this.

Next you will need wire, speaker wire I am told is the best and for mine I used this:

You won't need 20M, but it works up about the same price- plus you have spare to do the footwells!

To connect the wires and the LED's you will need crimp butts and a crimper, again crimps I used

Think I used 6 in total, but for the price I can't complain. Then for the crimping tool, I bought this:

It has a wire cutter too which you will need and is a very good product.

Once you have all the equipment you can begin!

I will try and describe what I did and then supply photos, basically we will be using the live and negative from the factory fitted light to power our neons. In order to get to the wiring of the light you have to undo 3 screws, then pull the plastic away- it won't come fully away but you don't need it to, just wiggle it! Once you have access to the light wiring, which is quite simply the two wires going into the bulb, you need to cut them both- try and cut it so you leave enough wiring each side, the middle is best. Then strip the ends of the wire you have just cut IE remove the insulation.

To test which wire is negative and positive just put the end of the neon wiring to one wire, on the neons the wire with blue on is positive, the other is negative- for the speaker wiring that I have linked to it is red for positive and black negative. Once you have worked out which is positive and which is negative it is time to wire it up!

Get the end of the light that you have just cut and twist the ends around the speaker wire, for example wrap the red speaker wire around the positive wire from the bulb (pos and pos), then the black with the negative wire from the bulb.Then you need to crimp it so they dont budge, basically put one end in the crimp and crush the crimp with the tool, make sure it is tight. Once this is done re attach the other side with the negative and positive that the light was originally connected to and you have done the hardest bit!

After this I roughly worked out how much wire I would need to get to the boot latch knob bit and cut the wire, then I pushed it behind the plastic fascia bits in the boot and it came out behind this metal beam next to the latch. As you did with the crimping before, you will now need to crimp the neons with the speaker wire, I used three here so get 3 neons, strip the wire and wrap the positive of each (blueish) with the positive of a fresh piece of speaker wire (red) and then crimp this in one end of a slightly bigger crimp( I used a blue crimp), do the same with the neg (clear on neon and black speaker wire). Then simply connect the crimp with the wire you have put down behind the fascia and they should work!

The fresh piece of speaker wire you have wired I used for the final neon, again over estimate how much wire you will need and cut and strip it, then try and thread it through the metal bit so it is hidden. Once it is near where you want it crimp the last neon to it, posi to posi, neg to ned and you are done!

I sat in my boot to do this as they are not actually on when the boot is closed, then opened it as I went along to test it. Once they are all working simple peel the back of and stick it where you want them in the car.

q2nRg46.jpgFind your light and remove the parcel shelf, I also pushed the seats down to make life easier.

COHwD1A.jpgPull the cover off the light and remove the light from the plastic cover thing.

NzJGmNm.jpgHere are the three screws you need to undo, then simply pull it towards you and it should come lose. I couldnt get the side nearest the rear chairs to come off but you don't need it to, you should be able to get to the light now and the wiring.

dfzg4Gs.jpgThis may look complicated but it is not. The speaker wire is red and black, but black wont show up so I put it in red and white. This is where I pushed the wire behind.The yellow square is the crimp and the yellow wires coming from it are the neon wires. at the far one I have done the neon wiring in red and white for some reason.

4nyYegc.jpgTuck the wiring up in the metal frame and under the plastic to keep it hidden.

ynddSQM.jpgHere you can see the metal frame thing I am on about, the wires sit nicely hidden in here and this is what you post the wires down to get them across one side to the other.

I know this isn't the best but hopefully it gives you an idea of how to do it!

Any questions feel free and I will see if I can help!

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Good guide!

Makes me want to do it!

This along with Tunnel Rat's headlining strips :-)

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Thanks guys, give it a go!

Hardest bit is cutting and crimping the original light wire- its only hard because its awkward to get at!



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the alternate is to just strip a short piece of the wire, and then wrap one around the other and tape it over to hold it together. The connectors are the best answer though.

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fantastic guide mate! looks great too! but you know the actual boot light? how did u change that to red? i have the standard one on my fiesta and was hoping to change that to a blueish/white one. ive managed to take it apart etc but the bulb is very hot??

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