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Found A Set Of These Alloys


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could anybody please tell me if I could use my original ford locking nuts and the other nuts that came with my standred alloys or would I have to buy new ones.

would I need spigot rings as my descnt wheels had them?

they come with 225/45/18 tyres would these be fine for my focus and take it I would have no clearance issues with the arches on standred suspencion .

sorry for all the questions but all this alloy wheel fitment lark does my head in and just want to make sure the wheels don't fall off and that the car still drives safe.

thank you for any help peeps

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ok cheers fella and yea they are 18 sounds like a lot of messing about.

would I need a steering rack limiters if I went after market 18 then?

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Yes, anything 18" and above run the risk of hitting the wheel arch or the liner.

The limiters don't look too much of a faff tbh, they just look like a buffer that attaches to the track rods or similar and physically stops the wheels turning in too far.

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