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Arrrrrghh! Wipe Out

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Searching for Firmware this morning , Booom! up pops a Page saying you have illegally downloaded files , it switched my webcam on , PCEU , looked official , then on the right hand side was a ou pay this £100 fine and this page will clear .

researched it via my phone brought up , how lots of people had fallen for the scam thinking they had been caught doing something wrong , of which i know i hadn't , basically they request a payment , the page looked genuine and official

reboot confirmed Virus aarrrgghh !!!!! , avg had not stopped it or windows defender.

For the life of me i could not remove this damn virus , none of the reported ways worked , file names were no where to be found in safemode , it blocked every attempt to access anti malware sites and updating of AVG and had switched windows defender off , it had also locked document and settings folder's and with the internet wireless switched on it always came up with the page.

so i'm in the middle of a re-install , rather than waste anymore time trying to clear it.

Reports are that this is one mean Virus , so i wanted to start a clean state , rather than risk not clearing it properly.

Looked like an legit drivers/firmware website , trying to install bluetooth drive on my Android TV Box for a game controller , one click later and Boommmmm!.

Look up PCEU you will see what i mean.

Anyway lots crap loads so i will be busy getting it all back. :( , i would say lesson learnt if i had been up to no good haha but i wasn't.

So be cautious everyone , this sucker of a virus went straight through everything.

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Unlucky mate tried a system restore?

Did not want to bother , rather a fresh install than worry if i had removed the Virus or not

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Once you've done a restore you should then have been able to use your anti malware :)

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My advice is to buy a cheap external harddrive and burn a disk image onto it every week or so, that way it's minutes to do a full restore in a time like this. Or buy a harddrive with enough storage to clone your computer's harddrive onto.

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I have a 2TB Network Drive , that constantly backs up any documents and files , so i have not physicallly lost anything apart from time re-installing C partition.

This Strain of the Virus i had on mine Stopped all installs , downloads and Web , i could not even identify what the .exe was or trace it in task manager.

Every time i tried to install Malwarebytes , it said i did not have Administrator privilages haha , believe me , i tried.

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If you clone though then you loose nothing at all, except 20 or so minutes in time :P

On my desktop because I have a drive for everything it's even easier, I have a 1TB harddrive with disk images on for my files, as well as the files themselves (reason for this is just imagine having to redo iTunes -.- with the disk image it's automatic), and a spare 60GB SSD with my OS on it, then a 320GB harddrive with my games and stuff stored on, that I physically remove from the front of the case whenever I've updated it, it acts as a clone for the SSD holding all my games and a few files :P

Probably overkill, but I have had a few times where it's been a life saver, to the point now I don't even bother sorting problems out, I just format and re-clone :P

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