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Hi can anybody advise, i have a 2.0ltr 2001 petrol focus,i cant get over 4000rpm in 1st and 2nd gear, and struggles to get over 70, changed plugs due to rocker cover gasket leaking oil into them, and replaced gasket, any idea's i could check my self thanks sean

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So no Engine light then, I thought that safe mode was about 4k on most petrol fords, perhaps the coil pack is on its way out?Other than something electrical I couldn't suggest anything to be honest.

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check the instrument cluster with the dashboard trick, make sure that all the bulbs are illuminating and someone hasnt stuck something over the EML.

Sounds like the car is in limp home mode, could be the car has a DPF (rare but can happen) and that is done for. Also it could be as suggested coils and plugs need replacing. Otherwise the car could possibly do with a good service.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thats interesting - (the EML not coming on)

It may be a good idea to aquire a code reader (about £20 online) and read the fault codes for yourself

Im fairly sure they did not fit any DPFs (diesel particle/ particulate filters) to petrol Focuses,- just catalytic converters

Is the car a recent purchase?

Typical faults are - plugs/ leads/ coil paks, (coil packs are bad for "going" if there is a problem with the plugs/ HT (high tension) leads) lambda sensor/ cat, crankshaft / camshaft position sensors etc etc - best to get the codes 1st but as J says - a good service won't do any harm

Check the breather hoses are not clogged or split, and the pcv valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve) is ok (not gunged up/ sticking) - there may be/ have been a build up of pressure in your crankcase - that caused the leak in the rocker cover gasket , the crankcase breather goes into the engine air intake and if it is split may draw air that is not measured by the MAF sensor, causing lean running, the lean running may have a knock- on effect and can damage the cat

The rocker cover gasket may have been replaced but the reason it "went" may still not be sorted, (if it was because of a pressure build up in the crankcase due to a blocked breather/ hose or sicky pcv valve)

If you get your fault codes read and take it from there

PS - is it the 150Hp 2.0L engine - same as the Fiesta ST150?

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