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annoying galaxy squeal


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i have a 96 plate 2.3 galaxy and for about a week now there has been a loud squealing coming from the fan belt..if i douse it in wd40 it stops immediately then comes back after about 5 minutes

this is the wierd bit...if i go through a puddle of water then the squealing stops immediately and i can carry on driving without any more noise,but as soon as the car has rested for a while its there again as soon as i start the engine,,, any ideas on the problem are more than welcome cos i'm pulling my hair out over this one ...thanks

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Sounds like it is one of two things

1. Fan belt s worn and needs replacing (can make a cheeping noise when worn)

2. Fan belt is too loose.

I reckon its the 1st option to be honest.

tip or you is to get a candle and when the engine is running rub it along the side of the belt. (PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL OF HANDS)

A new belt will help.

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