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Foc Rolling Road / Dyno Thread - For All St Rs And Regular Ford Petrol & Diesel Turbo & Na Cars & Vans (Post Your Power & Torque Printout Here!)


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This is a thread where you can post / discuss/ compare your rolling road dyno results

before and after remaps / modifications etc

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Here is mine to start - (Modified 2.0L 2002 Mondeo TDDI 115) -

Stock claimed Ford ----------------------- 115PS / 113Hp - 210ft-lbs / 283Nm

Stock measured on Superchips dyno - 129Ps / 127Hp - 239ft-lbs / 325Nm

Bluefin Superchips only------------------- 150PS / 147Hp / 270ft-lbs / 366Nm

FOCA TDDI rev3 Bluefin + other mods- 162PS/ 160Hp / 272ft-lbs / 368Nm (141 whp)

Power (stock, bluefin only and latest )

The car has a rev3 bluefin remap that was adapted for the (FOCA Mondeo TDDI) car with its extensive phisical modifications the "bluefin only" is a Bluefin on an otherwise stock car


^^ The peak power 160crank/ 141at the wheels is at 3552rpm, 13Hp more and 200rpm higher (a wider powerband makes a big difference on the road/ track) than the Bluefin alone, from 2500rpm and across the powerband there is 10Hp more - at 3500 ther is approx 20Hp more, the corve starts earlier, ends later, is wider and fatter, with no glitches or peaks (the Bluefin alone "peaks" at 3360, then drops off rapidly)- its lmost "perfect" - i would like it to be taller and continue to rise at higher revs though - rising to 200+Hp above 4000rpm+ would be nice

torque 368Nm 272ft-lbs -


^^ there are 4 torque curves on the graph - the 2 tallest ones (close together) are the ones originally printed on the graph, one at 20psi and the other at 22, the other 2 curves are taken from the Superchips website, (that i drew on) one is a stock TDDI (lower blue graph) the other is with the Superchips Blluefin remap (middle black graph)

Although the peak torque is similar between the Bluefin (270ft-lbs/366Nm) and mine (271.9ft-lbs/368Nm) the torque curve is wirder - starts earlier, pulling stronger at lower revs, and at higher revs - approaching the redline, has approx 30ft-lbs(40Nm) at 3500 240ft-lbs(325Nm) - FOCA TDDI vs 210ft-lbs (285Nm)

So its about how wide/ fat (the area under the line) the torque curve is, rather than the "peak" figure, a car/ engine may be quicker in "real life" (on the track/ road) but with a lower (but "narrower") peak figure

So the torque is above 230ft-lbs(312Nm) between (approx) 2100 and the "effective redline" at 3600rpm (a lot of torque - over a very wide range for a diesel)

Glossary -

Dyno (Dynometer) aka rolling road/ brake

Nm (Newton Meters of torque - used mostly in Europe)

Ft - lbs (Feet Pounds of torque Used mostly in USA

400Nm = 300ft-lbs (approx) some tuners/ manufactures like to use Nm because the figures are bigger, the dyno may read in ft-lbs of Nm

Hp (Horse Power)

BHP (Brake Horse Power) - early dynos were literally a "brake" - the heat produced was measured

WHP (Wheel Horse Power) the Power measured at the wheels

Crank or Fly/ Flywheel Hp/ Horse Power - the Power measured at the crank, " - this is often taken from the wheel HP and "calculated" / "guessed - and often exaggerated

PS - German for HP / Horsepower - slightly different 113Hp = 115PS


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I recon the wheel Hp is the important one - its the power that gets to the wheels that matters for example i have 141Hp at the wheels (at the time it was tested) does it really matter if there is 160, 175, 200 or 1000Hp at the crank/ flywheel

So i have 141Hp at the wheels - here is a remapped ST-TDCI 2.2L with 136Hp at the wheels - the crank Hp? 175 -


So how come the "175Hp" ST-TDCI has only 136Hp at the wheels and my "160Hp" has more (141Hp) at the wheels?

Because only the wheel Hp is measured, the car/s go on the rolling road and the wheel Hp is measured, the crank Hp is "calculated" (guessed) from this (due to the losses through the gearbox)

so 136 wheel Hp (+39) becomes 175Hp (probably exaggerated)

And my 141Hp Wheel Hp becomes 160 (more accurate/ "conservative")

so adding the same amount (141+ 39) gives mine 180Hp! (it feels like it does!)

i could just say "corrected Hp" = 180Hp

Moral - its the power/ torque that actually gets to the wheels that matters - crank/ flywheel power means "practically nothing"/ is usually "guessed" or exaggerated

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Here is the Superchips Bluefin power/ torque for my car -


Superchips Bluefin Mondeo TDDI power & torque curves graphs.pdf

i traced these curves onto the charts on post no. 2 for comparison (approx/ the scale was different)

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