Oil And Engine Light On Two Key Turns

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Hi Everyone

My fiesta Mk6 1.4 LX TDCI has been playing up. Was driving down the road and slowed down to come to a junction and the Oil and Engine light came on at the same time and the car minutes later cut out. :unsure: I started the car up again and the lights went off. When pulling over i realise with two key turns the oil and engine light (where they use to blink) now stay on permanently until starting the engine,

The car is booked in to the garage now but just wondering if anyone has had any similar problems or know what this may be, All lights are off when the car is running and the car has oil above the min level. :(

Thanks Everyone for the advice in advance
Sophie, x :)

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oil and engine lights lit up on ignition is perfectly normal, never known them to blink so not sure what you mean by that.

plus lights coming on moments before it cut out is expected too...dont think you have a problem there beyond trying to find out why car cut out.

if the cutting out was a one off then i wouldnt worry about it, but if its a fairly regular problem then needs looking at, especially if the idle is unsteady even when it doesnt cut out.

too many possibles if its a regular problem, but should always start with an engine service if not done in last 10k, beyond that then next step is have the ecu read for codes and go from there.

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