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I got my roof done with plasti dip.

The only downsides are;
In heat it feels rubbery
Bugs stick to it!
it scratches easily (but not your paint work, just the dip!)

A bird pooped on my roof, and I tried to remove it using water and a cloth... that's how I got the scratches.

You're not supposed to use power washers - but I found that's the best way to clean them.

It's the cheapest option, a full car costing from £250 - 500 whereas vinyl can be 700 - 1.5k and paint can be upwards of 1.5k

a real good paint job is obviously the BEST option but expensive.

the plastidip - apparently is easier and leaves less residue than vinyl - which can tear off the paint too.

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Think il avoid doing my wheels in this stuff then, seems abit hit and miss really from what I've seen. thanks for the info.

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